Maximize your RRSP contributions for the current tax year.

An RRSP Line of Credit is a great way to help you make a larger RRSP contribution.

If your RRSP is with GHCU, you can apply for an RRSP line of credit at any time during the year at our regular rate. See below

Only pay interest on the portion you use/borrow.

With a line of credit you apply once and can continue to borrow up to your approved credit limit, without having to reapply.

Personal Line of Credit


RRSP Line of Credit

6.90% (if RRSP deposit here)

Christmas Line of Credit

7.45% September to January

Student Line of Credit


Home Improvement LOC


Unsecured Line of Credit


Secured Line of Credit

6.90% ‒ 10.70%

Unauthorized Overdrafts