Modern and Fresh Website

After months of hard work, we are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our new website!

A lot has changed about GHCU. We were evolving, and our existing website could no longer keep up… it was time for a change. So, earlier this year, we set out to create a new and improved website that allows easier access for members navigating on their mobile devices and new and improved online applications to make appling for a loan or becoming a member quick and easy.

Fast forward to today

Our new website is modern and easy to navigate, with clear links to our extensive services. We’re now able to post news, special notifications and social media updates all in one place.  If you ever need to know up to date information about your credit our new website is best place to start.

 Also look for icons (see below) on any page your viewing for quick links to key information, tools and services. 

To celebrate the launch of our website we have special promotion for new and existing members.

Find the hidden GHCU logo!

See the contest page for more information.