Employee Information

Strength in Steel, Strength in Membership

Our roots are in the heart of Hamilton’s steel industry. At Golden Horseshoe Credit Union, over 3,200 members know that we:

  • Understand the daily financial needs of ArcelorMittal employees
  • Accommodate fluctuating work and pay schedules
  • Provide flexible payment options and assistance during work interruptions
  • Become your financial partners in short term and long term planning
  • Have a dedicated professional partner, GIC Financial Management Inc., who specializes in ArcelorMittal employee pensions, insurance and retirement plans

Golden Horseshoe is a local organization that understands your life better than any other financial institution. Sure, you can enjoy a payroll deposit account to help you build ongoing savings, or get a car loan when the time comes.

But did you know that at Golden Horseshoe, we have all of the services and products that you can rely on for all of your financial needs?

And because a credit union is owned by you, our members, you have a share in the credit union (Member Shares). We also share our profits with you through our profit sharing program.

Profit shares are a percentage of our profits paid to members, and is related to the level of business you have at the credit union. So literally, the more you do with us, the more you receive.

Investing in You

Golden Horseshoe supports the ArcelorMittal employee community by sponsoring events and programs every year. We especially enjoy the annual Canada Day Family Event where we connect with our members and their families.


Call or visit a branch or fillout our new member application to become a member of our financial family.

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