100% Mortgage Rates. Get unrated

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The lowest rate is no guarantee that you’re getting the best mortgage. That’s why we don’t play the rates game at Golden Horseshoe Credit Union. Instead, we offer something you can feel 100% great about – unbeatable ‘all about you’ service.

What’s ‘all about you’ service? Exactly what it sounds like. We find out what you need today and what your goals are. Then we’ll work to find the mortgage solution that will suit you the best. It might include the lowest rate. It might not. But it will include fast, hassle-free service that focuses on your needs 100% of the time.

Our great line-up of mortgage products are designed to help you:

  • buy your first home
  • buy your next home
  • refinance your mortgage
  • switch your mortgage to GHCU
  • flex the equity in your home

Come to GHCU. Get unrated with our 100% ‘all about you’ service promise.

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